About Nutrimote

Nutrimote is an information hub for remote nutrition professionals, or those who are interested in working remotely. 

If you are a Registered Dietitian, a university-qualified Nutritionist or a Student Dietitian/Nutritionist who is interested in working remotely, you can join the nutrimote community by signing up to our mailing list and joining the private Facebook group

If you have a company who is looking to work with remote nutrition professionals please email: maeve@nutrimote.com

Nutrimote is founded by Consultant Dietitian Maeve Hanan and Web Developer Anthony O’Neill. They both have a variety of experience of working remotely and are passionate about enabling others to do so.

Meet the Team

Maeve Hanan: Co-founder & Head of Content
Maeve Hanan: Co-founder & Head of Content

Maeve is a Dietitian registered in the UK & Ireland. She has a background in clinical nutrition, having worked in the NHS in the UK for almost 5 years – as a General Dietitian (with both in-patients and out-patients), a Stroke Specialist Dietitian and a Paediatric Specialist Dietitian. Since 2018 she has been working as a Consultant Dietitian – working with private clients and providing nutrition consultancy services for companies.   

Maeve also runs Dietetically Speaking – a nutrition communication and consultancy company which is rooted in evidence-based nutrition messages and debunking nutritional nonsense.

She has been working remotely for the past 4 years. This has varied from working on small remote side projects, to working fully remotely while travelling.  Maeve is really motivated by the opportunities and flexibility which remote working allows, and wants to share her experience in this area with other nutrition professionals.


Anthony O’Neill: Co-founder & Head of Technology

Anthony is a full stack software and app developer from Newcastle in the UK. He also worked as a Graphic Designer for almost 10 years, and has experience in online marketing. 

He has been working fully remotely for almost 5 years and has a wealth of knowledge about technical tools for working remotely.

Anthony has also been the on-call tech support for Dietetically Speaking for the past 5 years, which has given him a great insight into the world of nutrition – including relevant tech barriers and solutions for nutrition professionals. He enjoys demystifying these technical aspects of remote working for others. 

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